National Taipei University of Education-NTUE Language & Culture Winter Program Schedule

National Taipei University of Education
NTUE Language & Culture Winter Program Schedule

Country:Switzerland, Austria, German, USA Partner:University of Education Schwaebisch Gmuend, University of Hamburg, University of Education Ludwigsburg, University College of Teacher Education of Christian Churches Vienna/Krems, University College of Teacher Education Vienna, Bern University of Teacher Education, Thurgau University of Teacher Education, Zurich University of Teacher Education, School of Visual Arts, University of Michigan – Flint Type of Cooperation: Overseas Research Program(Includes Exchange Students, Short-term Studies, and Internships) Since:2017 Related Link: School Link

Case Feature

  • We invited our partner institutes to join "Language & Culture Program ", knowing Taiwanese culture in-depth
  • Improve the interaction with Foreign Students, increasing friendly relationship inter-school
  • Raising international university to sign the exchange student agreement with NTUE, providing more opportunities for local student to exchange abroad
Among 14 days Languages and Culture Program, we arranged four days culture class. In this picture, our culture teachers bring our foreign students to National Palace Museum visiting and knowing traditional Chinese culture in-depth

National Taipei University of Education (NTUE) began in 1895, endowed with both tradition and culture legacy of over a hundred years. NTUE is situated in an urban and vibrant yet comfortable campus. We strive to be an excellent, exquisite, innovative and competitive university which specializes in teacher training, educational research, artistic design, digital technology, cultural innovation, and continuing education. Office of Research and Development, Division of International Affairs in NTUE in order to expand the international exchange with other institutes, we regard internationalize as our one important development. In addition to bring the local students overseas and broaden their worldwide perspective, we also try bringing the world to NUTE and implement internationalize in our campus. Thus, we demonstrate actively seek the opportunities for international cooperation, and recruit the international students, to improve our university’s visibility of international. We also expand the experience of international exchanges by the interaction with foreign students.


The Europe and America Language & Culture Program is to increase the friendly relationships between the schools.

The Division of International Affairs (DIA) in NTUE hold the Language & Culture Program for our partner institutions’ students from Japan, Seoul National University of Education, and Europe, America come to Taipei in January, March, and December respectively. From 2007, we invited our partner university – Gunma University to NTUE learning the Chinese and do the culture exchange until now, they all have good response. Thus, we hold these programs ever year and invite more partner institutions’ students come to Taiwan to communicate with local students and experience the traditional Chinese culture here. This time, it’s our honored can have so many students from the university of Europe and America joined the Language and Culture Program. Our main purpose is, hope through the program of activities to make them immerse in Taiwanese traditional culture and knowing more about the education policies in NTUE. From 2017, we invited the teachers and students from Europe and America come to NTUE during the Christmas vacation. And from now on, the feedback all has been proved effective, so we hold the activities until now. Through the expansion of Languages and Culture Program, and we invite people in different nationality, trying to improve the exchange opportunities for both local and foreign students. In addition, among this 14 days, we hold a Seminar of education, the main purpose is to proceed an international academic and education exchange with our teachers in partner institutions, in order to achieve the teaching benefits for both teachers and students.


Breathe Chinese traditional culture, expanding international presence

The duration of Language and Culture Program is around ten days or up to 14 days program. We provide various activities and class for them to know different culture, they learn Hanyu Pinyin, Chinese characters, and how to use Chinese to introduce themselves by four days Chinese class and culture class. The culture class was leading by different experts to teach foreign students making pineapple cake, visiting Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and National Palace Museum to a deeper understanding of Taiwan’s building and heritage. We also went to the most well-preserved old street – Dadaocheng and DiHua St., in Taipei. Finally, the foreign students can experience more historical building, traditional culture including Chinese yo-yo, plants rubbing, Japanese tea ceremony, or seal carving during these 14 days.


Travel to Taipei’s charming area, exploring different region in Taiwan

Not only language or culture and arts class, we have planned the cultural travel among two days, went to Jiufen old street and Maokong Gondola. Through the culture experience, our foreign students can visit some historic site, like Gold Ecological Museum, Chinese teahouse, Shengping Theater, or you like try some local snack “Yu Yuan” (taro balls). And when they take the Maokong Gondola, pass over the undulating terrain, they can glimpse moving MRT, the park along the Jingmei River. At the final stop of Maokong, our foreign students can order the famous “Muzha Tieguanyin”, sitting in a nice tea shop and view the stunning scenery of Taipei Basin.


Two-way interaction between local and foreign students, sharing the international education approaches by professor from partner institutions

From the beginning of program, Chinese class, culture experience, one-day tour to the Farewell lunch, we have our local students to assist them. The program also has a culture exchanges time for them to interact with each other, and knowing different culture and living habits between themselves. At the fifth day of the program, we hold the seminar and invite our partner institutions’ teachers – Professor Sharleen Kato from Seattle Pacific University, and Dr. Monika Becker from University of Education Schwaebisch Gmuend sharing their topic of “Early Childhood Education” and “English Education and Teacher Education”. Besides, our teachers all sharing their educational approaches and educational theory, trying to improve the English abilities and teaching capacity whatever local or foreign students.


Through the great memories that foreign students sharing to their home university, it can increase the friendly relationships between us.

Through the ten or 14 days of culture learning with our partner institutions from Europe and America, not only foreign students can bring this great memory back to their hometown and share with them, but increase the friendship between us. The most important things are that, base on the culture exchange, our university can sign more MOU or exchange agreement with educational institution from the world, provide more opportunities for local students can study abroad.

In this 12 hours, four days Chinese class, we separated the class into two, so that our Chinese teachers can control the learning process of our foreign students. Through the interactive and gaming teaching methods, our foreign students can learn from doing and absorb the Chinese more quickly.
It’s honored can have two brilliant professor from Germany and America come to NTUE sharing their topic related to education. And this Global University of Education Alliance Seminar hope to achieve the teaching benefits for both teachers and students.