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Taiwan Tech - Pioneering Academic Cooperation in Indonesia

Country:Indonesia Partner:Institut Teknologi Sepuh and the other 36 Indonesian higher education institutions Type of Cooperation: Joint Dual-Degree Program Overseas Research Program(Includes Exchange Students, Short-term Studies, and Internships) Since:2003 Related Link: School Link

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  • Indonesian Student Community
  • Indonesia Taiwan Education Center from 2011 – 2016
  • Outstanding Alumni
Dr. Felycia Edi Soetaredjo, alumna of the Department of Chemical Engineering.

Among all universities and colleges in Taiwan, Taiwan Tech is one with the highest number of Indonesian students, Ph.D. candidates and researchers. Taiwan Tech is now reaping the fruits of a long-term engagement with Indonesia that has started in the early 2000s. Taiwan Tech was a trailblazer when it signed bilateral exchange agreement with the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh (ITS) in 2003, and welcomed the first Indonesian Ph.D. student, enrolled at the Department of Civil Engineering, one year later. Since then, exchange with Indonesian institutions has grown and intensified, and turned into a real success story:


Between 2011 and 2019, the number of Indonesian students has more than doubled to currently more than 500 students, making Indonesia the most important country of origin. The majority of our Indonesian students come to Taiwan Tech for postgraduate education. As of 2020, 290 students have successfully obtained a Master’s or even doctoral degrees from Taiwan Tech. Nearly 90 contracts have been signed with 36 Indonesian higher education institutions, among them several dual degree academic programs. 339 Indonesian students have enrolled in dual degree programs the first of which was launched in 2008. And maybe most important: Taiwan Tech’s Indonesian students are excellent academic performers. Our currently enrolled graduate students from Indonesia completed the last term with a grade average of “A”.


Indonesian Student Community
Taiwan Tech’s Indonesian students do not only excel academically; they have also set up a vibrant student community. The Indonesian Cultural Festival organized annually by Indonesian Student Association is known beyond Taiwan Tech campus and receives sponsoring from the Indonesian Airline Garuda and the Indonesian Embassy in Taiwan. It has been continuously staged for 16 years, and keeps drawing a big crowd of spectators, not only for Taiwan Tech, but also from a neighboring Junior High School. With Taiwan Tech’s Muslim-friendly environment that provides prayer rooms, Halal food, Muslim washrooms etc., most Indonesian students feel at home at Taiwan Tech and experience their stay very positively.


Indonesia Taiwan Education Center from 2011 – 2016
Taiwan Tech’s excellent reputation in Indonesia is certainly also due to its five-year presence in Indonesia from 2011 to 2016 when our university was commissioned by the Ministry of Education to establish and run the first Taiwan Education Center in Surabaya. Apart from promoting higher education in Taiwan, hosting education exhibitions and expanding Chinese language education, we also started to build an alumni network. It should also be mentioned that bureaucratic procedures for Indonesian students were substantially simplified under Taiwan Tech’s directorship of the center, a measure that helped all Taiwanese universities with their recruitment efforts in Indonesia. The increasing importance of Taiwan-Indonesian academic exchanges is reflected in the fact that an Education Section was set up in the Taiwan Representative Office in Jakarta in 2016.


Outstanding Alumni
Taiwan Tech alumni are becoming more and more influential in academia and industry in Indonesia. At present, nearly 100 Taiwan Tech graduates are working as professors in Indonesian universities or as senior managers in big companies. Ika Bali, the first Indonesian student to study in the Department of Civil Engineering, is now the Vice President of Matana University in Indonesia. Another example is Dr. Felycia Edi Soetaredjo, an alumnus of the Department of Chemical Engineering, who is holding a professorship at Catholic University of Wetiya Mandala. She was awarded the “Asia’s Top 100 Outstanding Scientists Award” in 2018, and is the only female Indonesian scholar among the 13 women selected for the award. She received this award for her outstanding research in improving wastewater treatment. Indonesian alumni in academia are one of the driving forces of Taiwan Tech’s internationalization strategy, as they maintain their ties with Taiwan Tech and have set up research collaborations. And finally, there is an increasing number of Indonesian graduates who engage in successful careers in Taiwan two of whom have already been portrayed on the FICHET outstanding alumni platform, i.e. Imam Adipurnama, Ph.D. in Material Sciences and Yonatan Wu, M.Sc in Civil Engineering.


Measures during the COVID-19 pandemic
As the new academic year is about to start and the pandemic is still raging, Taiwan Tech has adopted online registration and virtual classes so that students can enroll and follow the courses while they are still in Indonesia or undergoing quarantine. Taiwan Tech is offering adequate technical support and training for instructors to maintain the quality of teaching and learning during the pandemic. We are trying to make the best of the difficult situation, and hope that we can return to a normal campus life and resume our vibrant exchange with Indonesia in the near future!

Inauguration of the Muslim prayer room on Taiwan Tech Campus in 2018.
Indonesian student enrollment at Taiwan Tech 2011- 2020.