National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism– Program with Swiss Education Group

National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism
National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism– Program with Swiss Education Group

Country:Switzerland Partner:Swiss Education Group Type of Cooperation: Overseas Research Program(Includes Exchange Students, Short-term Studies, and Internships) Since:2019

Case Feature

  • Being in a multilingual learning environment: The course is taught in English to improve English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. You can also choose French or German for advanced study.
  • Understanding the use of multimedia teaching: The school provides digital equipment for students. Teachers also provide various channels for learning materials of digital teaching. Students have not only the classroom learning, but also the review after class.
  • Experiencing foreign multi-cultures and breaking the boundary of traditional thinking: Switzerland has a convenient geographic location on the European continent. Students can participate in different cultural activities, communicate with students and colleagues from different countries, get in touch with rich multiculturalism, increase experience and vision, and improve their competitiveness in the future workplace. By applying the knowledge and ability, students can learn European cuisine, challenge the creative ideas of various cuisines, and will not be limited by their own background and habits. All these will help improve their professional knowledge and skills.
In May of 2018, the principal and international director of NKUHT went to Switzerland to visit the Swiss Education Group (Left 2) Academic Director Ms Tanja Florenthal (Right 1) Chef Instructor Mr. Urs Schneiter (Left 1) Director of Strategic Partnerships Ms Tarsila Fercher Geis

National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Hospitality continued to expand new cooperation programs in European countries after signing the overseas training and internship program with the Hague Hotel School in the Netherlands in 2015 and the Florence University of the Arts in Italy in 2016.In May of 2018, the head of the school led a team to visit the Swiss Education Group (SEG) in Europe, and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to establish affiliated schools.


The Swiss Education Group consists of five well-known colleges and universities in Switzerland, with a total of seven campuses. Through the cooperation program of both parties, the students of our school will interview with the Swiss Education Group and the internship will be assigned according to the professional field of the original study. They will first study in the Swiss Education Group for half a year and then intern in the Swiss industry for half a year. Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS) and Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland (CAAS) are the main schools for the study.


Swiss Hotel Management School is located in the French-speaking Caux campus (the campus was previously a five-star hotel with a century-old history) and the Leys in campus (this campus was previously a famous five-star sports club resort hotel); Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland is located in Le Bouveret, the French-speaking area, and Lucerne, the German-speaking area. The faculty of these two schools is all experienced hotel management experts and award-winning international executive chefs or Michelin chefs.


During the enrollment period of the new Swiss program, many students decided not to participate in the selection of this program due to the tuition fees (about NT$9.5-1.2 million). However, because students will obtain a Swiss Diploma after passing all the courses, students are still attracted to apply. After the draft in March of 2019, a total of five students from our school went to the Swiss Education Group. In July of 2019, two students to Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland and the other three went to Swiss Hotel Management School in September of the same year for study and internship. Later, due to the epidemic of Covid-19, in March 2020, the original internship restaurant and hotel were temporarily closed. As a result, students only completed 1-2 months of internship and were forced to suspend the internship.


Regarding the study experience in the first half of the year, student Wei-Jie Ou from the hotel management department who participated in the program said that the Swiss Hotel Management School courses focus on the professional field of the hospitality industry, and theory and practice are both emphasized, covering hotel operation and administrative management knowledge. The course covers hotel operation and administrative management knowledge, and also integrates business management, exhibition and banquet management. Through actually holding banquets, theme parties and other different activities, students can apply what they have learned. In addition, school education also puts great emphasis on group reports. In the course, the students’ favorite course is Management Project, proposing a plan to build a new hotel from the very beginning. The content of the proposal is a combination of Managerial Accounting and Facility Design Management. Students can use their creativity to construct a new hotel. They also have to calculate all the costs of the hotel proposal and how to use the floor plan to arrange the space. It examines the team work for the team members, which is very impressive.


Another student, Xiang-Tian Lin from the Hotel Management Department, also said that the Swiss Hotel Management School will give each student a tablet, and all the presentations and homework required for class will be submitted electronically. The information needed for class, including textbooks, videos of preview courses, extra-curricular information and other materials is shared through an online system, which not only reduces a lot of paper consumption, but also saves energy and carbon to alleviate the burden of earth. If you want to review the content after class, you can view all the course materials by logging into the online system, which is very environmentally friendly and convenient.


In addition, Y-Qing Fan from the Program of International Culinary Arts shared her working experience as an intern at the Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois in Basel, Switzerland during an activity held by our school in October of 2020.The students are responsible for the work in the pastry area. The area is composed of a team of seven people. The chefs are from France and colleagues are from Germany. Therefore, there will be at least three languages in the kitchen area, making it full of fun every day. The menu is updated once a month and has different dessert themes. In addition to the normal desserts such as fruit tart, tiramisu, Paris Brest, etc., there will also be special dessert creative arrangements on special festivals, such as special chocolates for the Carnival and Easter eggs.


Switzerland’s hospitality education is internationally renowned. In addition to its long-standing hotel industry and excellent and professional education and training, it also has scenic tourist resorts and local specialties, which is quite useful for the internship of students. The more understanding of the current situation of the industry and the nurturing of sensory experience, the more help it can provide for the students. The school looks forward to continuing to plan for students to study overseas and internship programs after the epidemic of Covid-19 is alleviated, so that more students will have the opportunity to participate and expand the field of study and horizons. After returning to the country, the can pass on and share the training experience with new students.

NKUHT held an event for experience sharing in October of 2020 (3 students of Hotel Management Program came to the stage to share their experience)
In 2019, student Yi-Qing Fan from the National Culinary Program and Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland volunteered in kitchen at the Expo