Tatung University-Yokote (Akita Prefecture, Japan), and a local company, Digital und Meer (DUM)

Tatung University
Tatung University-Yokote (Akita Prefecture, Japan), and a local company, Digital und Meer (DUM)

Country:Japan Partner:Yokote (Akita Prefecture, Japan), and a local company, Digital und Meer (DUM) Type of Cooperation: Overseas Research Program(Includes Exchange Students, Short-term Studies, and Internships) International Workshop on Design Since:2015 Related Link: School Link

Case Feature

  • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Yokote (Akita Prefecture, Japan), and a local company, Digital und Meer (DUM)
  • Summer Internship
  • International Workshop on Design
Group photo: 10 students from TTU and the deputy mayor of Yokote (The summer internship provides students with a good communication with the residents for more future events.)

In June 2015, Tatung University (TTU), Yokote (Akita Prefecture, Japan), and a local company, Digital und Meer (DUM) signed a five-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to promote international cooperation, foster talents and boost local economy and tourism in Taiwan and Japan. In the five years, students from TTU and Japan were able to take classes, and participate in cultural exchange in TTU’s Anniversary, and International Workshop on Design. Students were also able to do an internship in summer break. The various activities provided students chances to experience different culture and, what is more important, to help Yokote solve problems of local tourism from a foreigner’s viewpoint.
TTU is a university with four colleges: College of Engineering, College of Electrical Engineering & Computer science, College of Management, and College of Design. The missions of TTU are to broaden students’ horizons, train experts and professionals, and practice the founders’ philosophy, “the integration of education and industry”. Recently, TTU has been dedicated to humanity and character education and implemented an international exchange program with oversea partner institutions. Besides, TTU has closely collaborated with top enterprises in Taiwan and oversea.
Yokote is located in the southeastern part of Akita Prefecture, Japan. As the second-largest city in Akita, Yokote is known for its rice, Japanese wine, fruits (grapefruits, apple, and watermelon), and Yokote yakisoba. Also, Kamakura (in February) and Bonten are well-known events.
TTU has collaborated with Yokote and the local company, DUM. Unlike the most pattern followed by other universities or companies, TTU has developed a new pattern to motivate students through international exchange and the summer internship with local companies in Japan. This new pattern helps students learn more Japanese culture and experience Japanese life.


Summer Internship
One of the events that TTU is proud of is the summer internship in Yokote for one month. This event started in 2016, and until 2020, there are 10 vacancies in Tourism Section (Yokote), Kamakura Museum, design companies, IT companies, hotels, orphanages, and care centers. The internship covers lodging and meals for workdays. Students’ feedback suggests that the summer internship helps them deeply understand how the Japanese work, live, and think.


International Workshop on Design
In the past five years, TTU has co-hosted with Yokote for three international workshops on design. The workshops target to maintain the local Yokote culture or promote tourism. Through design, students can expose to the real situation and discuss it with the local people. After that, students have to come up with ideas and put them into practice. The workshops allow TTU to connect with Akita University of Art and Akita International University, and therefore, students from TTU can work with students from the two universities. Besides, the participants of the workshops include residents and guides with a deep understanding of the buildings and the history of Yokote. The teaching method breaks the cultural barrier and expands the concept of design, making students think from a global perspective.


Finally, the five-year MoU starting from 2015 has expired in March 2020. The three-party cooperation has fostered TTU, Yokote, and DUM. Thus, another five-year MoU has been signed. It is hoped that the international interaction would be maintained and a new way of communication and network could be created for a better understanding in the future.

International Workshop on Design (Yokote 2019) This is group photo after the workshop. The aim of this workshop is to design souvenirs to promote Yokote. The students from Tatung University, Akita University of Art, and Akita International University lodged together in Sanpeinosato, a renovated center of an abandoned school in Yokote.
Video conferencing with the high school students from Yokote In May 2020, TTU students discussed with high school students from Yokote via video conference. TTU students made several videos in Japanese to introduce Taiwan, and the high school students voted the best videos. After six months, the high school students will produce several videos, and the TTU students will vote the best videos.