Heading to the Branch in Japan, the First Stop of Studying Abroad for All Students- Miyakojima, Japan!

Chang Jung Christian University
Heading to the Branch in Japan, the First Stop of Studying Abroad for All Students- Miyakojima, Japan!

Country:Japan Partner:Miyakojima City, Japan; Meiji Gakuin University, Japan Type of Cooperation: Overseas Research Program(Includes Exchange Students, Short-term Studies, and Internships) Overseas Branch Since:2018 Related Link: School Link

Case Feature

  • CJCU and Miyakojima City signed the partnership agreement in September 2018, and the Japan Center in Miyakojima was officially opened in November of the same year.
  • In August 2019, CJCU and the partner school, Meiji Gakuin University, co-hosted a Cross-Border Summer Camp in Miyakojima.
  • In November 2019, the chartered direct flight between Taiwan and Miyakojima took off. CJCU Hot Winter Camp was also held in December of the same year in Miyakojima.
I had a fantastic conversation with the Vice President of the Meiji Gakuin University, Shigeki Takeo. Both universities were known for "taking the actions", and it allowed the task group with different opinions, from different countries, but with a high degree of consensus to pull off this rare mission despite it could be 100 times more tiring than usual!

【Collaboration Highlight 1】
CJCU and Miyakojima, Japan, Create a New Model of Educational Exchange between Taiwan and Japan
CJCU and the Miyakojima City partnered up on September 5, 2018. Japan Center in Miyakojima was officially opened on November 19 in the same year. Both parties proactively communicate and prepare to establish CJCU Miyakojima City College.
“There are increasing numbers of Japanese local tourists and foreign tourists each year in Miyakojima City; thus, the tourism industry is booming. Nevertheless, the tourism talents don’t meet the rapid increase in tourists” Mr. Shimoji Toshihiko, the mayor of Miyakojima, stated. “With the opening of the Japan Center of CJCU, it not only facilitates cultivation of future talent in Miyakojima, but also helps our communication with CJCU. And we hope deeply that it will become an important communication channel for Taiwan and Japan.”


【Collaboration Highlight 2】
The Camp in Miyakojima Broaden Students’ Horizon
In August 2019, CJCU and the partner school, Meiji Gakuin University, co-hosted a Cross-Border Summer Camp in Miyakojima. CJCU’s core values of education are “Loving God, Loving people, Treasuring resources, Initiating actions” while “Do for Others” is Meiji Gakuin University’s education idea with a long history of over 150 years. Both parties promised to host a summer camp in Miyakojima with a goal of “Heading toward a thousand years into the future”. It is very meaningful and remarkable, and worthy to be remembered. The Cross-Border Summer Camp provides two major fields included language exchange, and cultural topics. In the Japanese or Chinese classes, the topics focused on daily life; Japanese and Taiwanese students were the best language partners for each other. Other than the language exchange classes, the summer camp also arranged tours to visit the local attractions of Miyakojima City such as the Miyakojima City Museum and the Miyakojima Kaichou Kouen (Miyakojima Marine Park). The camp even arranged students to take boats, go fishing and scuba diving to explore the ocean of “Miyakojima Blue”. Furthermore, students had an opportunity to closely interview The Minister of the Planning and Policy, and to interact with the local residents.


【Collaboration Highlight 3】
Chartered Direct Flight, the Exchange between Taiwan and Japan Goes a Step Further
The chartered direct flight between Miyakojima and Taiwan had the inaugural flight in November 2019. On November 25, the flight departed from Taichung Airport to Miyakojima. CJCU’s Vice President, Huey-Min Sun led a total of 21 people including 15 managers, and 6 alumni including the Chairman of the Alumni Association, Yu-Shan Wu, to Miyakojima. Other than visiting many tourist attractions, they also visited Miyakojima’s City Government and the City Council. Besides, they also visited the location of the “Japan Center” and conduct focus group seminars, and explored each college, department, and curriculum that can match with Miyakojima’s characteristics. The ultimate goal is to facilitate the finalization of the route with regular flights. The Mayor of the Miyakojima City, the Speaker of the City Council, the Head of the Visitor Association, the leaders of the Business Association, and the representatives from Mitsubishi Jisho, and the president of Shimoji Shima Airport, a total of 12 people took the chartered flight on the 25th to Taiwan and visited CJCU again on the 27th. A welcome ceremony was held to celebrate the inaugural chartered flight, also to welcome the Mayor of the Miyakojima City and the group. VIP guests including the Deputy Secretary-General of the Tainan City Government, Yang-Chi Wang, the Director of Kaohsiung Office, Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association, Eiji Kato, the General Manager of the Taichung Branch, China Airline, Li-Hua Hsu, the Manager of the Tainan Office, Kaohsiung Branch, China Airline, Jing-Hong Wang, the Operation Representative of China Airline, Yuan-Ching Chuang, and the Sales Representative of China Airline, Shu-Jen Chuo were invited to share their thoughts and to witness the moment of history together.
In December 2019, the CJCU Hot Winter Camp was held in Miyakojima. The winter camp’s activities began with “A Day in the Sky” in Shimoji Shima Airport which was first opened in July 2019. It was the first year that the airport held the event and invited the residents to visit the airport. The control tower and a variety of airport transportations were opened to the public to ride for the experiences. CJCU was offered a booth in the event. The booth provides a photo and check-in spot, interactive activities such as the Chinese-learning mini-games, and hand-painting porcelain experience. The programs in the winter camp included classes such as dialogue conversations with topics taught by professional Japanese teachers, a field trip for the culture and history of the entire island, visiting the factories, playing a traditional instrument, “Shamisen “, and experiencing Okinawa dance. Furthermore, the participants also had a friendly dodge ball match against children of Karimata Elementary School. They also played ice-breaking field games and took English interactive lessons with students from Karimata Middle School. There was also a fishing trip at the sea near Ohgami-jima and a party with Miyakojima’s local cuisine. The participants could hang out with the local residents and the elders to fully experience the local life in Miyakojima.

A Student from The Bachelor Degree Program of International Finance and Business Management, Shiao-Ling Chung stated: I originally joined the Cross-Border Summer Camp simply because I liked to travel, and to learn different cultures and languages. But my mindset and thinking were changed after returning from the summer camp. I even enrolled in the environmental protection course for this particular reason.
CJCU will work with Miyakojima's six guidelines to conduct mobilization and to study overseas. CJCU was awarded the first prize in the "Ecology Friendly (Eco-friendly) Category" of the University Social Responsibility (USR) award in 2020. It is coincidentally compatible with Miyakojima's core value, "ECO-ISLAND MIYAKOJIMA ". CJCU would like to help not only their own students but also the locals in Miyakojima to see the world, to innovate at their local level, and to prosper together.