Kaohsiung Medical University-Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Fang-Rong Chang at Kaohsiung Medical University, Awarded Szent-Györgyi International Mentor for 2019 by the Szeged Scientists Academy, Foundation for the Future of Biomedical Sciences in Szeged, Hungary

Kaohsiung Medical University
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Fang-Rong Chang at Kaohsiung Medical University, Awarded Szent-Györgyi International Mentor for 2019 by the Szeged Scientists Academy, Foundation for the Future of Biomedical Sciences in Szeged, Hungary

Country:Hungary Partner:University of Szeged, Hungary Type of Cooperation: Joint Research Program Joint Dual-Degree Program Since:2008 Related Link: School Link

Case Feature

  • dual Ph. D degree program
(From left to right) Dr. Judit Hohmann, Prof. Dr. Ferenc Fülöp, Prof. Dr. Fang-Rong Chang, Prof. Dr. Mária Homoki-Nagy, Dr. Attila Hunyadi (Provided by Prof. Chang)

Interested in natural product research? Interested in international collaborative natural product research? Please check out Graduate Institute of Natural Products (GINP) at College of Pharmacy, Kaohsiung Medical University.


Established in 1992, GINP was the first academic institute in Taiwan focusing medicinal plants and pharmacognosy. With the mission to lead the development of traditional medicine and cultivate talents in natural products research fields, GINP at KMU College of Pharmacy is a world-class research institute for natural product research.
A recent figure event in GINP is that Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Fang-Rong Chang was selected as one of the Szent-Györgyi International Mentors in March, 2019 by the Szeged Scientists Academy, Foundation for the Future of Biomedical Sciences in Szeged, Hungary, which is an elite student-mentoring initiative program established to inspire and nurture top scientists of the future.


As a former director for GINP, Prof. Chang is a world-renowned researcher in the fields of Pharmacognosy and Chinese Medicine. The outstanding academic achievement and genuine love for natural products had earned Prof. Chang friendships, honors and respects.


Prof. Chang’s research interests includes natural product chemistry, cross kingdom assay, genetic and epigenetic modulation for fungal secondary metabolites, development of cosmetic substances, functional foods as well as new drugs. Prof. Chang has published more than 350 SCI research articles, serves as editorial board members for more than 10 international journals, owns authorship of several book chapters, and holds more than 30 patents.


Prof. Chang received his Ph.D. in Pharmacognosy from KMU in 1995. He then accomplished short-term trainings as postdoc scholars at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA) and Okayama University of Science (Japan) for Natural Products & Medicinal Chemistry and Transgenic Plant assays, respectively. He has been a tenured professor of GINP since 2005 and served as its director from 2006-2012. He just finished his serving term as the director of the National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine (NRICM), Ministry of Health and Welfare, the apex and the only national research institute in Traditional Medicine in Taiwan, from 1 Feb. 2018 to 31 Jan 2020.


Since 2008, Prof. Chang has co-advised more than 11 graduates of the dual Ph. D degree program between University of Szeged and KMU, and produced more than 25 collaborative research articles (only two of them have impact factor < 2). Some of the topics were even patented under the cooperation with Prof. Dr. Ferenc Fülöp (the Hungarian academician, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences) and colleagues.


Prof. Chang has also jointly organized and hosted Global Pharmacy Program with Uppsala University, Sweden from 2007. The course introduced Nordic students how western medicine and oriental medicine could work together to provide better care for patients as well as how traditional Chinese Medicine formulation being manufactured by modern high-standard (GMP) pharmaceutical industry in Taiwan. The courses proposed not only academic knowledge and techniques but also trans-culture impact and learning.

In honor of his accomplishment and devotion in teaching and research, Prof. Chang was awarded to Honorary Doctor in Pharmacy from Uppsala University, Sweden on 26 Jan, 2018, together with the 2016 Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry, Dr. Jean-Pierre Sauvage and the other 28 recipients and Doctor Honoris Causa from University of Szeged, Hungary in 10 Nov. 2018, together with the other four distinguished professors from Cambridge, Graz, Mannheim and Riken.


Thanks to the hard work of Prof. Chang on getting official collaborative agreements, GINP now offers dual Ph.D. degree programs with Uppsala University at Sweden and the Szeged University at Hungary. All students work on international collaborative projects at KMU College of Pharmacy are eligible for the dual Ph.D. application.


Prof. Chang is not the only outstanding researcher in GINP. The institute also have several rising stars and many other outstanding researchers in the field of natural products. Each researcher specializes in different fields of study and perform inter disciplinary research with various academic institutes and/or industries, which cannot be covered in this story. Just remember. No matter you are interested in natural products from oceans to mountains, researching on chemistry or pharmacology aspects of natural products, GINP has them all covered. You may find more information about GINP and her members online at https://nphs.kmu.edu.tw for more information.

Dr. Fang-Rong Chang was awarded the Honoris Doctor Causa certificate by the President, Prof. Dr. László Rovó, University of Szeged, Hungary, on Nov. 10, 2018.
Prof. Dr. Ferenc Fülöp (left), an Academician of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences is a long-term collaborator of Prof. Chang (right) (Provided by Prof. Chang)