MingDao University Creating the World Classroom

MingDao University
Creating the World Classroom

Country:the United Kingdom Partner:Manchester Metropolitan University Type of Cooperation: Joint Research Program Joint Dual-Degree Program Overseas Research Program(Includes Exchange Students, Short-term Studies, and Internships) An International Immersion into Co-Teaching Since:2020 Related Link: School Link

Case Feature

  • Establishing sister school partnership to encourage teachers and students to exchange overseas
  • Hold global practical seminars to expand international horizons
  • Organizing global practical seminars to enhance students' international perspective
MingDao University has signed a academic collaboration contract with Manchester Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom to jointly cultivate global talents and promote students. President Dr. Kuo said, "we will continue to invite teachers from the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia to teach at school. The most important responsibility of teachers is to train students to learn independently. Students need to strengthen their language skills and strive for overseas exchanges. Try to use the school’s resources to prepare for the future in an efficient and economical way."

The overseas training programs of many universities were forced to temporarily due to the spread of the Covid 19 epidemic. In order to continue to promote the exchange and cooperation of foreign universities, MingDao University signed a cooperation agreement with Manchester Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom.


Dr. Ya-Po Shiao, Dean of Office of International Affairs, said that due to the Covid-19 epidemic, all students who were originally scheduled to leave for overseas exchange studies were suspended. In order to continue to cultivate students’ international competitiveness and create an international learning environment, we invited British sister school’s professors from the School of Business and Management of Manchester Metropolitan University came to Taiwan to give lectures jointly with our professors from the Department of Business Management to guide students to broaden their horizons of thinking with special courses. Li, Jia-Hao, a professor of business management who participated in the joint lecture, said that Dr. Costas Theodorids took Samsung mobile phones and McDonald’s marketing cases in the market as examples, and brought the 7P concept of international marketing into the classroom. In addition, there are students from Asia, America, and Africa in the classroom. Therefore, Taiwan students can naturally communicate with foreign students. The classroom is full of international learning.


MingDao University has been committed to promoting international education in recent years. Actively strive for cooperation opportunities with well-known overseas universities, expand cooperation with overseas sister schools, and promote the improvement of education quality. In order to encourage students to expand their international perspectives, we provide students international level programs such as student exchange, remote teaching, overseas study, an overseas internship, etc. We also attract a large number of international students to study in the school.


MingDao University has signed agreements with more than 80 well-known universities overseas, including the United States, Canada, France, Austria, Peru, China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand, to carry out substantive exchanges and cultivate humanized and international talents. Enhancing students to absorb new international knowledge, grasp the dynamics of international professional development, and strengthen professional skills and language ability. Since the 100th school year, the school has actively provided short-term foreign professional teachers to allow students to directly experience the impact of different cultures and experience the differences in international industry practices It can effectively stimulate students’ learning motivation and serve as adaptability for subsequent overseas internships to enhance international employability and international mobility.


MingDao University is rapidly expanding the multicultural environment on campus. The current number of foreign students is nearly 500. In order to strengthen foreign students’ adaptation to the learning and living environment in Taiwan, the school provides intensive Chinese language training courses so that students can quickly improve their Chinese language skills. In terms of life care, special personnel are assigned to provide care and counseling and provide full-time emergency medical assistance. It also organizes unique cultural activities for foreign students in accordance with national festivals, such as Thailand Water Festival, Indonesian Eid Mubarak festival, Vietnamese Food Festival, African Dance Festival, and other cultural exchange activities. So far, the vast majority of students have adapted well, like the living and cultural environment in Taiwan, and have shown good learning results.

Dr. Rick Canavan had close exchanges with the teachers and students of our school to discuss the impact of Brexit on British higher education. Rick said that the post-Brexit is hardly the same, maintaining international exchanges with universities in EU countries. It also highlights that closer ties with East Asian countries in academic cooperation are another possibility.
British teachers and Taiwan teachers jointly teach. Freshman Yang, Jin-Cheng said that the teacher from the United Kingdom is very kind, and his body language is super lively in class. Coupled with the instant reminder from the Taiwan teacher, the students can better understand the content taught by the teachers. I am not afraid because it is taught by a foreign teacher. In addition to learning professional knowledge, this teaching method can also strengthen English. I hope that foreign teachers will teach more courses in future.