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Suvendu Kumar Mohapatra

Name: Suvendu Kumar Mohapatra From: Indian Graduate From: Chang Gung University Position: Volktek Corporation/System & Solution Architect, R&D Division
Currently works for Volktek Corporation, Taiwan

Suvendu Mohapatra came from Orissa, India, and has been living in Taiwan for more than 9 years. He was a graduate student in the Computer Science and Information Engineering (CSIE) department of Chang Gung University (CGU). He is currently working as a System and Solution Architect and Managing India sales and operation for a reputed networking MNC “Volktek Corporation”, Taiwan. Before, he worked as an Assistant Professor in the Industry 4.0 Center of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST), Taiwan.


After his master’s program, he worked in a well-known software company, Mindfire Solutions, Bhubaneswar, India as Software Developer for a couple of years. Suvendu was highly interested in the technology research field and moved to Taiwan in 2012 to pursue his Ph.D. Based on his excellent academic records, Suvendu applied and was selected at CGU, Taiwan to study on scholarship supported by the university and professor as well. Suvendu consulted professors & students before joining and got recommended CGU for the Ph.D. program. To define the best carrier path and add value to his resume he chose to work abroad just after his graduation. Taiwan is one of the best places to work and live by maintaining a well-balanced ratio.


Study Experiences in Taiwan:
It was a great experience for him at CGU during his Ph.D. program. He remembered it was a great challenge to adjust to the food and language as a foreigner. However, the Office of International Affairs (OIA), CGU helped him and facilitate all the necessary documents are in English to make the admission and living process super easy. All the courses and curriculum are designed and studied in the English language creates a friendlier environment to study. All the labs are well-equipped with the latest instruments and facilitated to play around with the technology. During his Ph.D., all the tuition fees are waived and received a stipend from CGU which helped him to focus on the study rather than anything else. All the professors are experts in their respective domains and combine both theoretical research and professional examples with case references.
Besides academic facilities, he was deeply impressed by the facilities provided by the Office of Student Affairs of CGU such as dormitory facilities, extracurricular activities, student counseling, and Healthcare as well. Moreover, it felt like a homely environment for him. It’s an amusing experience to be a part of the prestigious Ph.D. program at CGU.


Explore Taiwan:
During his Ph.D. program, Suvendu has explored Taiwan from every corner. He mentioned the people of Taiwan are very nice and helpful especially to foreigners who are interested to explore their country and culture. Even, he attended some of the cultural events on Atayal, Bunun, and Tsou tribes organized at Nantou, middle-Taiwan and Hualien, east part of Taiwan. He likes to visit almost all parts of Taiwan as it’s full of natural sceneries and a beautiful combination of sea and mountain. In the latter part of his Ph.D., he got married and lives now in Taipei with his wife, daughter, and sisters as well. This made his living in Taiwan the most enjoyable part of his life. It is a wonderful balanced study-work-life experience in Taiwan, he stated.

A moment during his Ph.D. final defense at CSIE Dept., CGU, Taiwan
Suvendu and his family live in Xindian, New Taipei City, Taiwan