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Nguyen Hong Thuy Vy

Name: Nguyen Hong Thuy Vy From: Vietnam Graduate From: China Medical University Position: Genomics Research Center-Academia Sinica/Research Assistant
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Nguyen Hong Thuy Vy, graduated from the International Master’s Program of Biomedical Sciences of China Medical University (CMU), Taichung, Taiwan. She currently works as Research Assistant at Academia Sinica in Taipei, Taiwan.

Vy started to get interested in the health sciences from early stage of high school, so she decided to get in the Bachelor program in Biotechnology, specific in Medicine in University of Sciences, Vietnam National University HCM City, which is one of the best universities in Vy’s home country. Graduating with a distinction degree, Vy joined the Food testing laboratory of SGS Vietnam Ltd, where she applied molecular methods to test the biological toxins, GMO and allergens in food. She was able to use the knowledge that she acquired in her bachelor years and witness how it can benefit in real life. However, she yearned for more as she saw the gap between academic studies and their practical application. Therefore, she decided to continue her studies to bridge this gap.


Standing on a solid foundation of knowledge in Biotechnology-Medical Science, Vy got the scholarship to pursue the Master in Biomedical Sciences at China Medical University. During two year, her research focuses on antibiotic resistant microorganisms, one of the major global problems that needs to be addressed to prevent the worst case scenario in the near future. Millions of people will be affected and lots of money will be spent if nothing was done.Vy and her advisors, together with other researchers, were able to publish their work in the Journal of Medical Microbiology and Microbial Drug Resistance journal.

Besides research, she understands that studying is also important. Many diseases are changing rapidly and becoming more serious. Gaining the knowledge and then finding a way to deal with them are important. Hence, she also took courses to further broaden knowledge in biomedical sciences, which can help her to be updated and to adapt in the fast-changing life environment. She graduated with GPA 4.28/4.3 and ranked first in her Master program.


Before Vy came to Taiwan, she recognized that the academic environment of Taiwan is one the best places in the world, and is highly recommended. Moreover, the tuition fees and living expenses are not as high as other developed countries in Europe and America. Also in the medical field, her university-China Medical University- is got a high ranking in the world. It is a great opportunity to gain deeper academic knowledge, to advance her performance, and to become an expert in Biomedical Sciences. Being able to study in this most modern international academic environment, it inspired her to be competitive to do a better academic course. Having stayed in Taiwan for three years, she found that she already learned a lot. Her research advisor and lab-mates also helped her to know what are the important things for graduate study and always inspires her to challenge herself every day to be a good researcher.


After earning a master’s degree, Vy became a research assistant in Genomics Research Center-Academia Sinica. She said that contributing to a better life in the community has definitely become her life goal. So she wants to continue with the antibiotic resistant bacteria studies, one of biggest threats. Now, Vy is studying the protein complex structure with novel inhibitors, which are important information for new antibiotic development. She hopes that the projects work well and later on can be readily available to real life.

She said this is a long way with many difficulties which can deter her from achieving her goal. However, she believes that hard work can overcome challenges.

work in the lab
work in the lab