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Elaine Lee Chia Tung

Name: Elaine Lee Chia Tung From: Malaysia Graduate From: Da-Yeh University Position: BlackSheep Studio/Project Manager and Gaffer Related Link: School Link
Elaine and her classmates from Malyasia have made a great effort on their graduation project called "Once Again"

Elaine, a girl who grew up in Sabah, Malaysia, graduated from Da-Yeh University(DYU) with a Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Digital Content in 2020. With dreams and ideals, she decided to stay in Taiwan to work in her favorite multimedia digital industry. Elaine is currently a project manager and gaffer at BlackSheep Studio. During the period she works, she has participated in a famous TV series ” Seqalu: Formosa 1867 ” and the animation film “Iron Farmer” which has been nominated in several international film festivals.


Recalling the time before she came to Taiwan, Elaine was inspired by her friend who has finished the study in Taiwan and came back home to Malaysia. In addition, the booming animation development in Taiwan motivated Elaine to enroll in The Overseas Youth Vocational Training School (OYVTS) to study animation knowledge and technology in Taiwan to increase her skills practically. After completing OYVTS at DYU, Elaine continued to study at DYU for completing her bachelor’s degree. She wanted to strengthen her skills and abilities through studying and working in Taiwan so that her dreams could be fulfilled.


In the time of OYVTS and in the University, Elaine had great memories with her classmates and teachers. Whether they had outings to ride the bike in Taichung or rushing homework overnight on campus on new year’s eve, every memory was sweet and lovely, these refreshing memories encourage her to chase the dream bravely.


During her senior year in DYU, Elaine and her classmates have made the graduation project called “Once Again”, which has won the CG Animation Special Award at 2020 Vision Get Wild. Vision Get Wild was directed annually by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Education, and the Kaohsiung City Government.


Prof. Wu Min Shu, the project advisor, also mentioned that CGCG Inc. is one of the largest animation companies in Taiwan, and it is certainly not easy for students to obtain the award. The artistic style of the animation “Once Again” is clear, and the story has an overtone of remembrance. This group of students has all came from Malaysia, they have supported each other in the past years. I believe that in the process of creation, they have not only improved their skills but also learned the importance of teamwork and the spirit of perseverance.


Elaine was recommended by the teachers to join the BlackSheep Studio. Although she was only an intern at the beginning, during the internship in the first six months, she enjoyed the working environment, her boss, and colleagues, and was very attracted towards the work content, she chose to continue to work in the team after graduation. As a result of the transfer to the position change, Elaine began to feel pressure from the workload, but her belief in not giving up allowed her to start getting more and more hands-on experience and accomplish more behind-the-scenes projects in animation and digital design.


“You only live once!” Elaine wants to say to other students. As long as you are ready for the challenge, the opportunity is right in front of you. Try to bravely take your dreams forward. Don’t leave any regrets in your life!

"Once Again" has won the CG Animation Special Award at 2020 Vision Get Wild
Official Selection - International Thai Film Festival 2021, IRON FARMER