National Taipei University Outstanding Alumnus – Mr. Simon Koh

National Taipei University
Mr. Simon Koh

Name: Mr. Simon Koh From: Malaysia Graduate From: National Taipei University Position: Big Data Branding Center /Founder
Mr. Simon Koh

Current position:
Founder, Big Data Branding Center
Consultant, Leo Burnett Group Chief Big Data Branding
Brand Officer, Brand Accelerator Center, General Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China
Part-time Professor, Department of Business Administration, National Chengchi University (NCCU)
Part-time Professor, EMBA, National Taipei University


Simon Koh was born in Malaysia. He studied as a part-time undergraduate in the Department of Business Administration under the College of Law & Commerce, National Chung-Hsing University (now National Taipei University). During this period, he acquired the skills and mentality for business administration from the experience of his part-time jobs. His hard work has won him trust from many customers, with which he helped expand the scale of business for his companies. On the recommendation of customers, he entered Ogilvy, a giant in the advertising industry. There he took up positions in three different sections, including media, market research, and business planning. He worked doubly hard to overcome various challenges; when engaging in unfamiliar businesses, he always managed to familiarize himself with relevant professional knowledge within the shortest possible time and gain practical experience. His work performance was recognized by Wowprime Group, whose Chairman Dai Sheng-Yi invited him to act as the general brand manager of Wowprime Group. There, Koh carried out a brand image transformation for the Wowprime Group, making a major contribution to its brand diversity. Having had an accomplished career, and occupying many key positions, he continues to push himself. He has obtained a Ph.D. from the Department of Business Administration of NTPU, while continuing to achieve excellent work performance every year. In 2015, he embarked on a new chapter of his career by resolutely leaving Wowprime Group for an annual plan of “advanced study in the United States,” namely a study in big data science at the University of California, Irvine. He was recognized as an “outstanding student” by the University when he completed his study. This advanced study in the US helped bring Koh’s career to a new level. Currently, he acts as chief consultant in many Taiwanese enterprises, and helps enterprises to introduce big data prediction science in their brand operation. He also offers courses on big data-based branding strategies in several national universities.


For Koh, life consists of five major investments: family, friends, health, knowledge, and wealth. While work is important, one must also be devoted to family and interpersonal relations, exercise regularly, and stay healthy. He shares with NTPU students his “three-book principle” of self-study: read one magazine every week; read one book every month; and bring one notebook with you at all times. He especially encourages students to focus on their fields of interest when looking for a job, and highlight one’s distinguishing qualities and advantages when composing a CV. In addition, attitude to work is as important as ability to work. “Do the small things well, and eventually you will be assigned the big projects.” Therefore, building one’s reputation starts with doing small things well.

Mr. Simon Koh
Mr. Simon Koh