NCU|Taiwan, Sweet Memories and Foundation of My Success

National Central University

Name: NGUYEN CHI NGHIA From: Vietnam Graduate From: National Central University Position: Northern division for water resources planning and investigation/DIRECTOR GENERAL Related Link: School Link
Since graduating and returning home, I have been regularly keeping in touch, exchanging on academia with professors of NCU. This cooperation enabled me to promptly solve difficult issues in my work. NCU professors are friendly and enthusiastic in providing help whenever I have a request.

Hello friends, I selected Taiwan (TW) as a studying destination for many reasons. The foremost reason for this is that Taiwan offers advanced education and especially National Central University (NCU), which has excellent learning conditions and environment and is among the top universities in Asia.


I majored in the Institute of Applied Geology at NCU as master program for two years starting from 2007 Fall to 2009 summer. The knowledge acquired here helped me tremendously and expanded my science background very much. Over these two years, I learned both theory and realistic laboratory practice and experienced a good quality of life.
One of NCU’s strengths lies in its labs. Almost all this knowledge can be easily implemented in the lab. In the lab of the Institute of Applied Geology, I often found friends to practice with my mandarin ability in speaking and sharing with some experimental questions which I faced in the lab, many memories were created here. Every month, our students organized a collective learning of the lab such as group meeting and my Professor also participated as well who always gave us some suggestions. We implemented our lab in the field. For example, regularly connecting lectures with practical work in the lab and in the field enabled all students to clearly understand the content, which we could start working with immediately. NCU has a large library system with numerous books where I can find lots information about my research field and often stay in library for a whole day to read and study. Thus, the knowledge gained from reading books significantly helped me when I returned to my country to work.


Those knowledges I learned in NCU allowed me to do research and implement practical applications in my country. Hence, after I returned home, I applied it thoroughly to my work, which resulted in my current success.
The knowledge learned at NCU, and especially the oriented thinking in research and applications, has undoubtedly helped me to be proactive in my work, to quickly find ways to solve problems effectively.
In addition to organizing a professional learning environment, NCU offers many cultural exchange activities, such as welcome party, cultural trip, and final party. Furthermore, the NCU has ample space, such as football fields, baseball fields, and swimming pools. In the afternoons, after spending a day of hard study, I went out with international friends to practice sports. Because of regular and satisfying training conditions, I had many opportunities to exchange and make friends who were from everywhere around the world. .Until now, after having returned home 12 years ago, the friendships formed on the training ground are still strong and active, rendering life more meaningful.


The food in Taiwan is delicious and so many good-tasting Taiwan small snacking let me unforgettable. During my stay in Taiwan, I had many opportunities to enjoy Taiwanese dishes with my classmates, international friends, and especially with the teachers from Institute of Applied Geology. This is because so much fun and many delicious and typical Taiwanese food we enjoyed during gathering lunch and dinner together. Especially, there is a Hakka style cuisine that never found in Vietnam. It was worth to mention that I was extremely impressed with my supervisor not only for his knowledge and qualities, but also for his culinary flair. The teacher often takes my lab members to the restaurant, almost systematically to a new place and with abundant delicious food. Often, we enjoyed foods and meanwhile we all also had Karaoke for fun. It was very interesting and happy time for us, amazing cultural shaking for we Vietnamese. Every time I reflected my life in NCU, beautiful and unforgettable memories appeared in my mind. I love NCU and will return in the near future for sure .


I would be elated if my experiences could lead many of you to select NCU as a study and research destination. I have encouraged many people in Vietnam to choose Taiwan as their destination in general and NCU in particular, in their aim to improve their qualifications. My granddaughter is also studying in TW.

When I experience developments, I am always associated with NCU professors to expand cooperation, and attract many friends and colleagues to NCU to study. Many were also extremely successful after graduation. The above photo was taken on such an occasion.
I visited my supervisor, Professor Chen Chia Shyun, at his home in 2017.His teachings have been invaluable, especially guidance on overcoming difficulties at work.