Stay True to Yourself: Starting a Business of Helping Others

National Changhua University of Education
Benson Lim

Name: Benson Lim From: Malaysia Graduate From: National Changhua University of Education Position: Empower Counseling Consultancy Service/Founder
Lim delivers a speech on Stay Away From Drugs: Understanding the Harm Caused by Drug Addictions at a secondary school

Benson Lim graduated from the Counseling Department (now renamed as the Department of Guidance and Counseling) at National Changhua University of Education (NCUE) with a Bachelor of Education degree in Academic Year 1997. He worked as a counselor at Teacher Chang Counseling and Guidance Center in Changhua City during his stay in Taiwan (1995-1999). He has worked in the field of counseling and guidance for 27 years, assisting over 3,000 cases and giving lectures at more than 1,500 workshops or seminars.


Starting a business with professional licenses in his hometown
After graduation, Lim returned to Malaysia and began his practice as a registered and licensed counselor (KB, PA). He has also become a hypnotherapist certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH), International Association for Professional Certification (IAPC), and National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), and has obtained certification for advanced mental health counselors from the Central Academy of Mind Body Medicine and Science (CAMBMS) in the UK. He used to hold key positions in the education and mass media sectors in Malaysia, such as the director of counseling at Batu Kawa Min Lit Secondary School, supervisor of Bodhi Counselling, honorary advisor at Serian Public Secondary School, and a guest speaker for the “Space for Growth” program aired through Red FM at RTM Kuching.


Now Lim is the founder of Empower Counseling Consultancy Services in Malaysia. He also concurrently serves as a member of the Counseling Work Committee under the Student Affairs Department of the United Chinese School Committees’ Association of Malaysia (Dong Zong), an instructor for the School Counseling Work program organized by Dong Zong for teachers, the supervisor of Bodhi Counselling and Empathy Counseling Centre, and honorary advisor at the board of directors of Serian Public Secondary School. He is also appointed by the National Population and Family Development Board (LPPKN) under the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development to give lectures in premarital counseling programs.


Profound influence of university education
Lim believes that the education he received at NCUE has had a profound influence on his pursuit of the career of helping others:


1. Professional faculty and the curriculum that focused on both school administration and social work
As a psychological counselor working in local communities, Lim faces cases of different ages, from 4-year-old children to elderly people. He has been invited to give lectures on a wide range of topics, including physical and mental development of individuals, learning counseling, parent-child communication, couple resilience, employee growth, and teamwork. As a result, it is necessary to possess professional knowledge and skills related to counseling that involves lifelong development of individuals and social systems perspectives. The Department of Guidance and Counseling at NCUE has the most faculty members who are professionals in the field of guidance and counseling in Taiwan. Moreover, some of its professors are top experts in the field of psychological counseling in Asia and are often invited to give lessons and organize workshops in China and Southeast Asian countries. The curriculum offered at NCUE consists of school counseling courses and social work courses for students to choose from, which satisfied Lim’s needs to engage in practical work.


2. Advanced and latest facilities and equipment
NCUE has the country’s largest counseling education center and expressive therapy education center. The Department of Guidance and Counseling has particularly comprehensive facilities and equipment, such as full-view individual counseling rooms, group counseling rooms, observation rooms, and supervision and control rooms, which effectively improve the outcomes of teaching and learning activities. Managed by a number of prestigious professors, the educational facilities and equipment at NCUE, including a play therapy room, sandplay therapy room, art therapy room, group work lab, and control room, are not only the best in Taiwan but also among the top in the world.


3. Professional support and contact systems
Websites serve as platforms for modern people to obtain up-to-date information and efficiently interact with each other. For this reason, NCUE has set up the Taiwan Counseling Net, which is the largest psychology website for the Chinese-speaking population, as well as the Chinese Career Net, which is also the biggest website about career counseling. Since returning to his hometown over twenty years ago, Lim has utilized these two websites to gain a lot of the latest information about helping professions and mental health studies whenever he encountered problems about his teaching or individual counseling work.


Upholding the original goal of helping others with the abundant lessons learned in Taiwan
Lim stated that psychological counseling for him is the science of helping others as well as an art that requires time and experience. At NCUE, he learned abundant lessons about the expertise of helping others. He will uphold his original goal and help more people in need with passion.

Lim is invited to give a lecture for the Giving Wings to Children’s Dreams seminar at Sin Min Private Secondary School in Sungai Petani
Lim organizes a workshop that tests the suitability of different majors for the 300 students of Chung Hua Middle School No.1 and their work values