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Soochow University|My Soochow University Treasure Hunt

Soochow University|My Soochow University Treasure Hunt

Man Kit | HKSAR

The decision to study in Taiwan when I did was a heroic decision and a turning point that changed the trajectory of my life. Without knowing anyone, I came to Taiwan alone, with only the motivation to study and the encouragement of teachers and family members back in Hong Kong. I prepared myself to experience a different culture and create an unknown future, and Soochow University was the starting point for my Soochow University treasure hunt...

When selecting my university course, I was fortunate enough to choose to study in Taiwan and study in the Soochow University Dept. of Political Science, learning the basics in the Dept. of Social Sciences. Among the many courses in the Dept. of Political Science, I preferred international politics and human resource management to encounter the size and diversity of the world. I think of myself as a studious person and have enjoyed studying history since I was a child, and I therefore decided to double major in it during my first semester. My favorite courses are those dealing with modern history, especially the era of the First World War. When studying that era, you can approach it from many different aspects to better understand what transpired. At Soochow University, my teachers and I could establish friendships, and they were able to give me many valuable suggestions. I now refer to their opinions when planning my life in the future to help me form a life of my own.

In addition to the knowledge to be learned, Soochow University also provides many activities for everyone to participate. I actively participated in clubs, hoping to get to know more Taiwanese people and integrate into the local community. I participated in the activity department of the Student Union and successfully organized the Christmas Week Haunted House and the school anniversary week activities. I also smoothly managed the Christmas party and the Kara night activities of the Dept. of Political Science association, helped in preparations for the 33rd and 34th Shuangxi Literary Awards, and participated in the archery club, diplomatic society, as well as the Archery Club, Diplomacy Society, animal rescue society, and the Tingyun Poetry Club.

As a junior, I was successfully elected president of the Overseas Chinese Students Association, and gave my all to provide more services to our overseas Chinese students, such as transporting freshmen to and from the airport and university, holding Mid-Autumn Festival activities, autumn day trips, and graduation ceremonies. In addition, I served as the public relations chief of the Shuangxi Handicraft Society, the treasurer of the Shuangxi Folk Dance Society, and the public relations head the Tingyun Poetry Society.

I also often volunteered, such as for the inaugural Soochow Wheelchair Basketball Tournament, interpreting for the participating Hong Kong players as well as volunteering at the International Carnival organized by the SU Office of International and Cross Strait Academic Exchange, mainly to promote Hong Kong culture and teach Cantonese to Taiwanese classmates. I have also served as a volunteer at the Soochow University International Ultra Marathon, helping register runners and performing other tasks for teams. Every club allowed me to experience more aspects of life in Taiwan and learn to get along and cooperate with people from different cultural backgrounds. We organized various activities and camps and spent this wonderful time at university together. Thinking back to my days at university, half of it was used for study and half in clubs. Every day was very fulfilling, filled with good memories that helped cultivate my ability to deal with the matters of life.

Soochow University offers numerous international exchange activities and opportunities for student exchange. As a senior, I postponed graduation to study abroad. I like to encounter new things and new friends, so I really wanted to seize the opportunity to broaden my knowledge and expand my international horizons. By knowing and making friends from all over the world, I can experience the globalized world even more. In the first semester of my senior year, I went to Budapest, Hungary for a semester exchange…and it was the opportunity I had always dreamed of. It was the first time I set foot in Europe, meeting many people, discovering new things, and learning a lot about Hungarian culture. Of course, I also took advantage of the exchange to travel to 10 countries.

Those six months passed quickly. From my first complaint about the Hungarian administrative efficiency, to my reluctance in the end to leave, I realized that there are major differences in different countries and cultures, and it also helped me gradually understand how to better accept and tolerate others. In the second semester of my senior year, I went to China for a semester exchange. I met many friends, visited many places, and learned a different culture and education system at the same time. Different cities have different faces. I climbed to Mount Tai in Shandong, walked through Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan, and reached Lhasa in Tibet...The end of the exchange was like a dream, but the impact it had on me will always be there.

My college time passed by quickly, and I have found many treasures along the way. Thank you to Taiwan and Soochow University for bringing me so many rewards in the process of finding my way in life. Finally, I want to send a message to everyone: “The only person who can define life is yourself! There is no roadmap to life. We all travel on its road, and all are let down in some parts, but we still kindle hope along the way; on that road we will find our answers...” It’s my hope that everyone can find their own life treasures in the future.

Soochow University|My Soochow University Treasure Hunt
Participating in the Cross-Strait Youth Study and Exchange Camp during freshman summer vacation.

Soochow University|My Soochow University Treasure Hunt
Participating in the SU Second Mile

Soochow University|My Soochow University Treasure Hunt
Hosting the Dept. of Political Science Christmas Eve Party