Taiwan Education Center in Japan

Taiwan Education Center in Japan
Tamkang University (TKU) established the Department of Japanese in 1966. Following the Departments establishment, TKU founded the Master’s Program of Department of Japanese and Graduate Institute of Japanese Political and Economic Studies. Moreover, TKU signed its first academic cooperation agreement and initiated the student exchange program with Chuo Gakuin University in 1968. Since then, TKU have built partnership with 41 universities in Japan. With its long-term academic collaboration and exchange with universities in Japan, TKU have developed a solid foundation of Japanese studies and in-depth knowledge of the Japanese culture and society. In response to the government internationalization policy of increasing the overseas student number and promoting Taiwan Higher Education, TKU founded the Taiwan Education Center (TEC) Japan. TEC Japan is a non-profit organization supported by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan. Its mission is to encourage the bilateral academic exchanges between Taiwan and Japan and assist Japanese student to study in Taiwan.

  1. Strengthening the bilateral academic exchange and collaboration between Taiwan and Japan.
  2. Promoting Taiwan higher education and culture.
  3. Providing consulting service and information of study in Taiwan.
  4. Organizing the Taiwan Education Fair and attend the Education Fair held in Japan.
  5. Promoting Chinese Language Learning and Test of Chinese as Foreign Language (TOCFL).
  6. Enhancing the cooperation with Japanese student associations in Taiwan and Taiwan alumni associations in Japan.
  7. Managing the website of Taiwan Education Center Japan.
  8. Publishing the brochure of the of Taiwan Education Center Japan.

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