Taiwan Education Center in Mongolia

Taiwan Education Center in Mongolia

Taiwan Education Center Mongolian (TECM) has been established in Ulaanbaatar since 2007 with the main purposes of enhancing the cultural exchange and academic collaboration between Taiwan and Mongolia, focusing on the following tasks:
 – to assist the visit of Taiwan delegates traveling to Mongolia
 – to assist the promotion of Taiwan universities in Mongolia
 – to assist Mongolian students' applications to Taiwan, review process, document preparation
 – to organize Taiwan Education Fair
 – to coordinate activities for academic institutions in Taiwan and Mongolia
 – to operate Mandarin training courses/ summer programs
 – to promote Mandarin proficiency test (TOCFL)

TECM office provides the massive information of 160 universities and colleges in Taiwan and assistance for the youth in Mongolia to get to know the higher education in Taiwan as well as how to apply, looking for scholarship opportunities, searching for schools, preparing for departure, etc. TECM office welcomes all visitors to walk in and look for information about studying in Taiwan. Brochures of various academic programs offered by 100 plus institutions in Taiwan are displayed for free access.


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