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National Taiwan University Department of Political Science (International Relations)|Jaemin Kim

National Taiwan University Department of Political Science (International Relations)|Jaemin Kim

Jaemin Kim | South Korea

Bridging the Gap between Taiwan and Korea

Jaemin Kim, a Korean alumnus of the Department of Political Science (international relations) at the National Taiwan University (NTU), stands as a testament to the power of cross-cultural connections. With a vision and passion for societal impact, Jaemin has dedicated himself to serving as a bridge between Taiwan and Korea.

Where it All Began
Jaemin's affinity for Taiwan traces back to his childhood visit, where he was captivated by the delightful cuisine, breathtaking scenery, and the warmth of the Taiwanese people. Recognizing the growing importance of the Chinese language, Jaemin's parents enrolled him in an overseas Chinese school, fostering his proficiency in Mandarin and traditional Chinese. When the time came to choose a university, Jaemin's fond memories of Taiwan led him to apply to NTU, known for its unparalleled standard of tertiary education. Driven by a dream of becoming a diplomat, he pursued a degree in the Department of Political Science.

Days at NTU
Immersed in the educational ethos of NTU's Department of Political Science, Jaemin developed a profound sense of responsibility toward societal service. In an effort to address educational inequalities, in his third year at NTU, Jaemin introduced "IAMSCHOOL," an online platform facilitating information exchange between schools, parents, and regions. Collaborating with city governments, Jaemin successfully enlisted over 600 junior schools, marking the initial steps toward the digitalization of secondary education information in Taiwan.

When asked about the genesis of his initiative, Jaemin underscored the crucial role played by NTU. The university, supportive of students' dreams, provided essential information and resources. Seeking assistance from NTU Garage (now known as the NTU Corporate Accelerator Program), Jaemin received mentoring, business resources, and opportunities. The pivotal "Demo Day" organized by NTU offered him a platform to hone presentation skills, an experience instrumental in his later TED Talk.

Now and the Future
Post-graduation, Jaemin chose to remain in Taiwan, currently serving as a senior consultant in a tech consulting group. While realizing his dream of fostering ties between Taiwan and Korea, he actively contributes to cross-cultural collaboration. Jaemin not only introduces Taiwanese apps to the Korean market but also facilitates the introduction of Korean apps to the Taiwanese market. His dual role involves advising technology companies on growth strategies and promoting the exchange of ideas between the two nations.

Jaemin envisions significant room for improvement and development in Taiwan. He encourages fellow students to proactively seek the countless resources and support available at NTU, declaring, "Taiwan is not a Ghost Island but a Treasure Island awaiting you to explore."

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National Taiwan University Department of Political Science (International Relations)|Jaemin Kim
The Founder of Iamschool Taiwan Team - Jaemin Kim

National Taiwan University Department of Political Science (International Relations)|Jaemin Kim
Group photo with members of the Junior-High Union of Parents Association in Taipei City

National Taiwan University Department of Political Science (International Relations)|Jaemin Kim
Jamin Kim's talk at TEDxTaipei.

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